Coronavirus Change The Way We Buy Books

In this pandemic environment, consumer behaviour has changed quickly and in some ways unexpectedly. Books have been shown to continue to be popular during these times as expected with many taking the opportunity being in isolation to catch up on their reading.
Despite book stores being closed during this time, books sales during the month of April was up with people now buying their books online. In fact, history shows that even during great economic turmoils, books sales have always performed well comparatively.
In terms of categories of books that are selling, it comes as on surprise that books that cover travel or languages are not faring well along with books about business. Non-fiction books, gardening and home improvement books as well as cooking books are all doing extremely well during this time. Also proving popular are children’s fiction books and books focused on children’s education. With many children isolated at home, many parents are trying to find as much material as possible to ensure their kids are able to continue their education and not fall behind.
Amazon and Book Depository have been able to achieve even bigger sales that usual however it is also proving to be a boomtime for many smaller online book stores offering niche products or a great service. Use a Book Depository coupon to get a great deal on your purchase.

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